Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Devil begone

To add insult to injury today one of my so called friends mentioned in the previous blog had the nerve to throw a deodorant bottle at my bad hand. Earlier this week I had surgery to remove a tumor that may not be benign. As of now it is okay and with G_d's help it will stay that way. If the bottle would have hit my fingers it may have not only caused me a lot of pain but it may have opened my stitches. So for he who calls himself Batman and the Devil I banish him to his lair in hell.

-Turgelton has spoken

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do people not care

I don't understand people. I know many things are said in good fun amongst friends but one would think that they would understand sensitivity. Its one thing to joke around privately but to mention events that may hurt ones reputation or others is not something that should be public. Unfortunately we are in an age where acting like characters on TV shows is in vogue and cool. Life is not a reality show and sensitive topics should not be sent to the gossip girls of today.

-Turgelton has spoken