Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do people not care

I don't understand people. I know many things are said in good fun amongst friends but one would think that they would understand sensitivity. Its one thing to joke around privately but to mention events that may hurt ones reputation or others is not something that should be public. Unfortunately we are in an age where acting like characters on TV shows is in vogue and cool. Life is not a reality show and sensitive topics should not be sent to the gossip girls of today.

-Turgelton has spoken


  1. There should be no apostrophe in "characters."

  2. Gossip girl is a good show. I enjoy it. It's on the same channel as this other show you may be familiar with, so I therefore pose the question to you Turgelton (whatever the Reyes that is): Do you watch Privileged?

    Dachs has spoken