Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A temporary return to blogging

I know I never blog but I hope to change that in the near future. The purpose of this blog is to find out about the literature teachers in YU. Who would you suggest and why? The choices are Lee, McGahan, Stewart, Mesch, Napolin, Weidhorn. Sorry for no clever remark this time.

-Turgelton has spoken


  1. McGahan is a lenient grader if you're just looking to pass the class, but you will definately be bored in class. Also, he likes to give suprise quizes to make sure you've done the reading, which I never read, nor passed any quiz. but if you want an easy pass...

  2. Oh boy! A blog post!

    Lee used to be real good, but I've heard he got pompous and isn't worth taking anymore. McGahan is boring as shit (please, 2009) but I did no work and got a solid grade. Stewart is great, or at least she was four years ago. Interesting class, not a bad grader, etc. Never took Mesch or Napolin. I've heard Weidhorn is boring, but I never actually took him.