Sunday, April 22, 2012

I haven't blogged for a while and I am glad to be back. I am currently pursuing a career in Special education and am excited to change the lives of my students. I was looking at Ipad/Ipod apps and found some to be quite interesting and all free.
This app is a fun and interactive way to learn math focusing on number lines.
This app is an amazing product that can help children on the autism spectrum as well as students with special needs. It can help teach concepts without having to buy cards and is simple. Studies also have shown that Ipad/Ipod really can help those with autism.
This is an amazing product that can give voice to people who have difficulty communicating. This is so important because it allows individuals with communicative issues to really interact with the world.
This tool is fantastic and allows people who are visually impaired to take pictures of things in front of them and it will then read it to them. Imagine how many doors it can open.
How many jerks park in parking reserved for the disabled. This allows users not only to find locations and tell others about locations it also can be used to report illegally parked vehicles.
Like the tool mentioned before this gives voice to people who many not otherwise be able to talk. Additionally it has a cool feature that will give you a more extensive vocabulary list that relates to things near your current location.

Although this is far different then my previous post I am happy to share these Apple apps with you. I know I probably don't have many followers anymore but if it can help one person it will all be worth it. One never know the ripple effect of help one individual. So if you know anybody who can benefit from these apps please share it with them. You never know the difference you can make. I hope this message syncs in.
-Turgelton has spoken

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